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~ A Family Tradition ~

Stan Hess Family Maple Syrup is a family owned and operated business producing pure Ohio maple syrup for over 25 years. Stanley Hess, owner, with brother, Steve and nephew Jason, comprise the primary work force. Their maple syrup business evolved from Stan's fondest childhood memories of visiting local sugar camps. It grew into a lifelong love of maple syrup and the syrup production process.

The business has grown since its beginnings in 1991, when a camping stove was used to boil the sap, to 2016, when a high efficiency, high concentrate evaporator was implemented. Stan Hess Family Maple Syrup is located a few miles southeast of Ashland, Ohio at the edge of a scenic woods full of tall maple trees and surrounded by rich farmland. Stan Hess Family Maple Syrup uses state of the art equipment and employs the most up-to-date methods of production, enabling them to produce some of Ohio's finest maple syrup. While using modern technology to provide a quality product, Stan Hess Family Maple Syrup conscientiously works to provide an all-natural product for your taste.

All packaging of Stan Hess Family Maple Syrup products is done in our on-site state inspected canning facility.

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